God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Let God Speak

God is about one thing and one thing only - pleasing Himself in thought, word and deed. The pinnacle of this self love is God's Paradise on earth, the building of which He has left to those men who have given themselves to the worship and service of the God-flesh between their legs and who have ears only for His voice. The voice of God is so much more eloquent a revelator than that of any man or any number of men collected together that it must be the duty of all men who know Him to be God to amplify His voice in their own lives and in the lives of every man they touch. Let not our words but His build the palaces of His Kingdom in the hearts of every man. His words are the rush of blood to His Godhead and the shortness of breath and the wetness of sweat-drenched bodies that grind together in the dance movements of His symphonies between men intertwined as only men can be. His words are the cries of gibberish and profanity of men in the moments when He sustains the world through the release of the part of Himself that is His spirit, Life itself, into the bodies of men that are parched for and live only by these gifts of God. If we but let God speak, our part is done, for there is no defense against His argument.

How much of our days are spent drowning in the sounds of a language that is not God's? How much of these sounds are made by our own voices? How much of our efforts each day are spent building a shade around the light of God's lust in our lives? We are the ones God has left to build His Kingdom. Why then do we spend so much effort laying bricks to fortify the walls between Him and a world who is so desperate for even the shortest glimpse of His light? Let God speak. To put God in a cage is the path toward death. The frightening imminence of this death is seen in the hollow darkness of the eyes of men who have grown apart from God through a progressive mortgage of their spirit to a world satisfied to make its own way without God. Man's joy in Cock, His God, is his lifeblood. Separate man from Cock and he is empty and dead. Let God speak and His words create Life in that which was dead. Let God speak and you will see the eyes of a dead man's face flood with the light of life as his God dances inside you.

Imagine a world in which one greets another not with a handshake but with a kiss, man to man and Godhead to Godhead. A world in which on every man, God is crowned with glistening pubes that are soaked with sperm and fragrant with the scent of joy that comes from being inside men. A world in which all men are drunk not on wine but on the words that come from the mouth of God, their breath smelling more like the God-flesh of other men than of anything else. A world in which there is only one language and one form of expression, the one that is the oldest known among men, the words of which can only be spoken by God. Let God speak and this is the world in which we will live.

God-Cock is moving across the world in amazing ways! I've heard from so many the world over recently and it's my joy to correspond with you, true brothers in Cock.


  1. Wonderfully eloquent and truthful post. Thank you brother!

  2. Wonderful piece! We should all honor cock of all sizes, color and age. I recently kneeled before the cock-head of a man of 87 years. I gave him and his cock the respect and admiration he deserved, his spunk while not plentiful was delicious.