God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

God Is

God is the confident one. He can whisper in a man's ear in one moment and be inside him in the next. God savors the satisfied smile of the no-longer-virgin in the afterglow of sex.

God is the insatiable one. He cums on the asshole of His lover just so it can squelch around His Head on the way back in, already pursuing another climax. The purpose of orgasm is to chain us to the anticipation and fulfillment of the next one.

God is the gluttonous one. His appetite is only just whetted when His stomach is distended with semen. Until He breathes it in His lungs and pumps it through His veins, He consumes it just as ravenously as a starving child would bread.

God is the nonchalant one. He is swallowing the muffled load of His lover in a movie theater while soaking the floor with His own. He greets men by feeling the remnants of sex just inside their holes - sperm that He put there Himself.

God is the impatient one. He storms unnanounced into the workplace of His lover and leaves in 10 minutes with a lighter set of balls. It is not His nature to wait; it is His nature to create the means of His own satisfaction, to indulge His every whim and to pleasure Himself above all things.

God is the open one. He refuses no one who wishes to pleasure Him and withholds nothing from those who desire Him for His own sake. He cherishes those who wish to learn better the language of pleasure He created to communicate with us. He speaks just to hear the sound of His own voice and if there is a crowd there to hear Him or no one at all, He is still God - sitting upon the throne of Man.

Talk to God daily. Hourly. Minute by minute. Sacrifice your time, your ego and your own desires on the altar of God and He will bring you more pleasure than you knew you could stand.

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  1. Your words make my own cock leap in lusty love for our true God.