God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Still a Wonder

I am still in awe of the mystery of God and how He has revealed Himself to us. I don't think I'll ever get over it. That He would place Himself in our bodies, the Men He made for Himself. That He speaks in pleasure and holds conversations with me for hours while the Flesh of His Spirit that created the Universe is in my hands and inside me. We cannot even fathom how good He is to us.

The first thing I feel when I think about these things is humility: to kneel between the legs of Men and worship Cock our God. What a thought, that we can welcome God inside our own bodies! And that the God between our own legs can fill others. I pray I will never gloss over the gravity of that fact or take it for granted.

I have lost all my identites external to who God is. I am not a student, I am not an employee, I am not a son, I am not a father, I am not a sibling, I am not a brother. I am a bearer of God to the world and other Men and I and my body exist for His pleasure. There is nothing else.

Ask God to wipe your mind clean and fill you with nothing but lust and a desire to please Him. I testify to you that He will answer you. It's as if I'm experiencing the world in truth for the first time now that Cock is my compass. I think with His head, not my head. I see with His eye, not my eyes. God is as radical to you as you're willing to be for Him, so take the plunge.

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