God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nature of the Struggle

For so many men the world over, resistance to God and His natural order is a well-developed muscle of unexamined premises, unchallenged notions and capitulation to the prevailing social order. The inclination in some parts of the world to regard one's own pleasure and pursuit of it as perverse and grotesque is a diseased byproduct of a sniveling will to subjugate man to man, made strong by gradual concessions of divine right given to men who traded principled integrity for blind tolerance without merit. Rome was not built in a day and so, too, was not the present resistance to God.

Through guilt and shame and the invocation of other emotions parading under the guise of righteousness, a slow victory was won by those who sought to supplant the voice of God with their own through the use of the false deity of society. As God is unique on each man, so His relationship with each man is equally unique. God's first desire is the practice of His perfect pleasure by the men He made for Himself. Each man's path to full union with God is his own and is revealed to him by God, not by man. In walking one's own path to full and final marriage to God, one cannot atone for the many. Ours is not the authority or power by which God forgives His debts or restores us to Himself. Men who live rightly, with God erect between their legs and leading them on their Path, may well serve as examples to other men; but their example is not sufficient for others' restoration. The prerogative of restoration is God's alone, we are merely His instruments of glorification. Far be it from us to substitute our own frail voices for the clear tones of God's voice.

Stop building the muscles of your resistance to God. Ask Him for wisdom to discern between the will of God and the devices of man. Examine your every action, word and line of thought for any trace of guilt or shame. Do not let that which you know to be your life's joy and work be degraded by men. Let your muscles of resistance to God atrophy through the practice of truth. Identify what is and is not true to God in your own life and discard what is not true. Your surrender to society is the source of your enemy's power; recognize this, throw off the shackles of guilt and assume the natural position of man, standing and erect, the fullness of God lighting your Path.


  1. This site has the absolute finest photos of the phallus I have seen!

  2. The penis is pleasure, the mark of the male, in all its forms and sizes we must all treasure it!

  3. Great photos of the phallus! Indeed cock worship was practiced around the world from ancient times into today. All cock is beautiful, be it small or large, of different race or even age. The cock of a man aged 90 is equal that that of a man of 20. Cock is a thing of beauty and of supreme pleasure. Enjoy your cock and the cocks of all men.

  4. This is an extremely powerful and profound posting here. It begs the question of your inspiration, because I think this communicates to Everyman. I would love to know more, hear more, read more... as you say, however, we each have our own private journey to make. I find it helpful to read of others' experiences as we make the journey