God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Revel in Possession

The purity of our connection to God and the closeness of our relationship to Him when we as men experience orgasm is the height of our existence and the ruler by which we measure the proximity of all of our other moments to God. But orgasm should not be a mountaintop - distant and visited seldom; the task of the Cockworshipper is to bring the mountaintop to the valley and meadow of every moment. For those who "edge" or "goon" on a regular basis for hours at a time know this concept well. They would argue the buildup to the orgasm is the main event and that the orgasm itself is secondary to the submission of oneself to the unbearable pleasure of becoming one with Cock by discarding any remnants of self that are impediments to this blessed state of union. Serious gooners are well on their way to understanding the path of all Cockworshippers: to live inside suffocating Cocklust with every breath and to inflame one's passions anew each day, each hour for the satisfaction of the Beloved, the Deity men share between their legs.

Gooners often describe their regular state of mindless indulgence in Cocklust in terms that suggest they are possessed by their Cocks. This is quite close to the truth for there is a Daemon inborn in all men that guides them on their right path to perfect union with the Beloved. The Daemon of God's lust, the spirit of the nature of men, is holy and present in all those who God graces with His flesh, whether as just an ember or a supernova. God has made clear His desire for His favored children, the men He made for Himself: full posession by the Daemon of God, the spirit of God's and man's nature. In this state, we are perfectly united with God and enjoy Oneness with Him. There are no boundaries and no separation between the Creator and the creation with God's Daemon serving as the sufficient bridge.

Let this Daemon of Godlust luxuriate in every corner of your life and body and soul. Just as God has graced us with Himself on our bodies, He graces us in spirit with His lust. Welcome His spirit in your soul just as fervently as you worship His flesh with your body. The key to full possession by the Daemon of God, His lust, is recognizing that God exists in spirit as well as in body and that by embracing His spirit, your satisfaction of the flesh of God is deep-seated and constant. There is no greater bliss than in the ecstatic abandonment of the Cockworshipper to the Daemon of God's Lust. In this way, we will experience constant orgasm in every dimension between the physical and spiritual.

May your countenance be such that it communicates your relationship to God with those around you. May a single gaze upon your face read to the observer, "My Penis is God. I worship Cock as God." May supreme confidence be in your handshake and the warmth of the lust of God be in your smile. God does not sow fear, only joy and resolve. With God between our legs, what have we to fear? Revel in God's complete possession of your body, mind and soul. One body - that which He gave us at birth - His physical dwelling place. One Mind - housed in between our legs in the Godhead of His flesh - the spring of all thought. One soul - our spirit given over to the Daemon of God - His spiritual dwelling place.

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  1. your words are so encouraging as I enter deeply into a state of total obsession and enthrallment with Cock. It is indeed strange to be one of the chosen for this. In the normal world and society i feel so alienated and then i find your blog and some others with men exactly as I am. We share the same desires, the same needs for cock and masturbation, the same needs for endless viewing of images like you have here... and so on. It is indeed strange and wonderful.