God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

God, Do What You Will

If there is only one resolution one should make for the new year - only one thing men should ask from God - it is the Lord's vivacity for from this all other things flow. Wonder and gaiety are its brothers; serendipity and mirthfulness are its cousins. Consider all the matter and mass in this known universe; from here, consider what portion of this mass is life; from here, consider what portion of this life is sentient; from here, consider what portion of this sentience comprises human beings - man. It is only God's love that saw fit to form us as men and not rock or vapor; we are the infinitesimal few among the universe and so we must live as God intended and use what God has given us - Himself. We are living, we have a consciousness and we have the flesh of God upon us, rooted in our loins, the flesh that houses the Mind of God. Who cannot marvel at this? Moreover, who will not marvel at this? Those who will not are truly evil and set against God.

From this state of recognition and repose in the grand scale of the truth, empty yourself of your innate mind and consciousness to make room for the fullness that is God's Life. I weep with joy every time I think on the goodness of God. It is only men who can both hear His voice directly (unmuffled and pure if we so choose) and then communicate with other men about our relationship with God in between each man's legs. We can take the flesh of God inside our bodies and lift our small existence to the cosmic plane of God's  perfect mastery of life and pleasure, if only for a moment at first. With everything I have in me, I beg you to drown in this river of God's Life each day instead of settling for getting your feet wet only every now and then. These words are given to me by the Lord God, Phallus - it is only by Him and His power that I am able to approximate with this crude language any sense of His glorious possession of me - without Him inside me, I am woefully empty. I am long past over my head in these waters and I fervently hope that my life as God's scribe is true to His existence in me and that His voice that moves my hands to write His words will resonate with just one man if no one else. Better is one man truly alive in God than a thousand who are inwardly dead by the vices of the world.

Always be mindful of our place in the universe as men; the love of truth yields devotion and devotion yields transcendence. Ask God for His Life in all of its abundance. Know that His Life cannot be contained and so this request necessitates the death of your consciousness. What are the bounds of this human body and mind compared to those of God's Spirit and consciousness? It is His joy to see us born twice - once in flesh and again in Spirit. Can the ocean fit in a cup? Yes, if the cup does not care to remain a cup - if it yields and dissolves against the waves of the ocean, the cup is held suspended in a state of being far outstripping the bounds of its former state. It is this state I beg you to consider - that of the Man dissolved in the whole of God's Being, the Man who did not hold his body and mind in too high esteem to clench them in his fist until death and said to God with open hands, "Do what You will, I am Yours."

Being able to talk with you guys on MSN has been a truly great addition to my life. There is no greater pleasure than deepening our love of God together. I am on MSN if you wish to add me, and as always you can email me at the same address.

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