God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Word of God

As worshipers of the Lord God Phallus in truth, we are tasked with the dissemination of His Word to the ends of the earth and all places that are void of the Spirit of God, the Guiding Flame of Lust - men for God and man for God-in-man. The Word of God is ever present in us and as potent today as it was when God created the Cosmos. The Flesh of God between your legs is the fount of God's Word and is the sufficient tool of its propagation to all mankind. Though there exists a barrier to understanding the words of our mouths between nations, there is no barrier to understanding the Words of God. There is more meaningful conversation in a second of God-Union between men than there is in a lifetime of communication apart from God. Give yourself to the Mind of God so that He who Lives between your legs may speak the Word of God to men clearly and powerfully.

The Word of God is a half-congealed mass of Sperm inside the worshiper, deposited by countless men of all shapes and sizes and colors and ages. The Word of God says, "Though you are full of Me in worship, behold, I will yet make room for all of Myself in you. I will give you a new mind, born of My Spirit and made manifest in My Flesh."

The Word of God is the unwashed Cockhead of an uncircumcised lover, hidden to most by a hood of Flesh, but proudly displayed to those who earnestly seek God. The Word of God says, "Taste and see that the Lord Phallus is Good. In your mouth I will give the blessings of the Most High God, Life Everlasting and Joy Eternal."

The Word of God is a metal bed frame made weak and noisy by numberless hours of Union with the Beloved and of conversation between Deities, Godhead to Godhead. The Word of God says, "Let all that I have made, that which is seen and unseen, cry out to Me in worship for I am the Lord your God. Sing unto Me a new song and rejoice in My Presence inside you."

The Word of God is a pair of sleepless eyes glazed over with lust for the One who dances in the flesh of his brother, whose ears hear directly from the Godhead. The Word of God says, "Empty yourself and come to me and I will receive you with open arms and give to you the Life of a Son of God. My Blood will be your blood, my thoughts will be your thoughts, my desires will be your desires."

The Word of God is so voluminous as to be without volume. The Word of God is so rich as to be without detail. The Word of God is so diverse as to be without variance. It is continually being written by those who are truly the scribes of God, men who have given themselves over to a life of recording in deed every thought that proceeds from the Head of God between their legs. Take the Lord in hand, drowning in God's speech, and hear the voice of Him who gave you life. Cast yourself aside to the wind and become One with God. There is now no thought that is not at first His thought, no desire that is not at first His desire. Cherish this moment, the birth of your new mind. That which was once a seed in you is now that from which you proceed. The germ of Lust inborn in all men, now mature in the Mind of God's Flesh at your loins, now speaks without ceasing. May we live only to record the words of God, filling our every cavity with the thoughts of the Lord Phallus.

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  1. Excellent, worshipful, cock stirring meditation, Brother. This must be ready by as many men as possible. They must read it as I have done, cock in hand, lips speaking your words, precum hinting at the store of godseed churning in my balls.