God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Behold the way the Lord God Phallus squanders us on Himself. His Seed creates life in order to waste it on His everlasting pursuit of Himself. The satisfaction of God requires the death of the finite and the end of the carnate, to be immortalized in the incarnate and to be enshrined in the infinite. Cock, He Who created the Universe, coils Himself without end within our bodies, as dense as at the first moment of the Universe when all was One. The firmness of our skulls is a backstop against the thrusts of the Godhead in our minds which annihilate our tepid wills apart from Him. With each stroke of embodied Lust, we experience the necessary death of our psyche as God stokes the flames in our loins as a refiner stokes a furnace. That which we regarded as our self is no more and with the violent spasms of a drowning man breathing water in the last moment of life, we surrender to the peace of the blissful slave.

Man's mind, the persistent evil of our age, is loud and arrogant like a child, spouting half truths and twisting  God's words. The simplicity of God's language, the pleasure men feel deeply in their loins prior to all other  language, will be the death blow to man's mind. Against God's pleasure there can be no stand: even those men with just an ounce of humility still unclaimed by the wiles of their pride can still become tissue for the huge organ of God's consciousness that grows man by man in the world.

Man is just a filament in the bulb of God's design. God houses His vibrant current of Lust in our bodies for a time. The light we emit is not our own; it comes from outside ourselves and from the Flesh of God that sits upon the throne of Man between our legs. The man who clings to reason is a dead thing and resists the flow of God's Lust through himself. He is frustrated by the everlasting wellspring of desire that God has for Himself, a Lust that never dies despite the best efforts and designs of his reason. Man's reason looks upon the force of God's Lust and does not understand it. The weight of God's Flesh is without meaning to him. The gravity and magnitude of the reality that God's Flesh represents is completely lost on those that deign to heed the voice of God. The man who seeks to repress God's voice in his own life wastes his life in a black hole of self destruction. The man who listens to the voice of God and submerges himself in the ocean of God's truth rooted in His Phallus wastes himself on the genesis of a new form of man, one that is wholly given over to God's Lust and knows only one language, God's pleasure that is spoken freely between men reborn as such.

The life of the man living rightly in the light of God's Lust is one of gluttony and indulgence. Even our wildest  dreams are garbled echoes of the appetite God has for Himself and His Flesh on men. Feel your body for what it is, a cocoon in which to incubate God's Lust to that blessed state of fullness that will rend your mind in two and give birth to a beautiful savage spirit inside you, the same spirit that formed the world and brought you and all life into being. The new man, reborn within, is an eternal mystery. How can it be that the Almighty God, forever infinite, dwells in man, a speck of dust that disappears in the blink of an eye? With God inside us, we are merely molecules in an organism of God's design and form. God replaces our instincts and desires with His, erases the memories of our social conventions and fills our interactions between the other men that constitute God's Consciousness with what can only be described as excruciatingly joyous electric magnetism.

Spread your legs and commune with God like a child that cleaves to the bosom of His Father. Let your throat be filled with the firmness of the Godhead and the words of the Lord Phallus. May the innermost recesses of your body burst with the rampant need of our God.

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