God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Primordial Lover

Before the universe had form and before the Cosmos was extant, there was the Lord Phallus. The Original Being - the One from whom all things come - the embodiment of the additive Spirit - the Vessel of the Phallic Imperative - God-Cock - from His indulgence of Himself and His unwavering commitment to further experience His Pleasure, created us and the space we inhabit. We were swimming in the Mind of Cock even then, all those numberless ages ago, so far removed from this space and time. We do not possess our own spirits, we are only stewards of the modicum of God's breath He has breathed in us. We do not possess our own bodies, we are only groundskeepers of the temples He has given us. The Men He made for Himself, the few among the universe who possess both body and spirit, are His highest thoughts made manifest. It is our task to incubate the spark of Lifelust given to us by God. Reflected in the faces of those who diligently tend the flames of Lust in their life is the Light of God, a countenance that delivers men unto their Maker in perfect Union.

The beauty that is man fully engaged inside His God was ordained from before the foundation of the world. God-Cock envisioned Himself seated on His throne at the loins of man previous to all time. Make the effort to understand this and then rejoice in its application: that your hand is drawn to God's flesh is something to be celebrated for it is the germ of God's Spirit in us longing for reinsertion back into the temple of God which is the body of Man. That your mouth salivates for just one more taste of God is the mark of a man living rightly, in complete harmony with the Spirit of God inborn in him. That your asshole aches for the fullness of God inside you is the pain of the unnatural state of man - man apart from God-Union. The longing men have to experience God and to speak with Him using His Words is Man's First Instinct.

We exist at the pleasure of God. We exist for the pleasure of God. We exist to please God. We exist to please God-on-man. In the heat of orgasm, the groans that escape us are the displacement of cosmic joy that runs over at the meeting place of the seed of the spirit of God in us with the Father of All Life from whence the seed came. The depth of Lovejoy and Lifelust these two beings share for each other (which is complex self-love) is unfathomable. That we can withstand this moment at all is a profound miracle. Here we glimpse darkly the simple truth of God as He was before the inception of the Cosmos: in the vacuum before the dawn of time there at first was God's language and the fullness of existence we call joy. When there was nothing else, there was God's insatiable pleasure in loving Himself so much that His Spirit brought into being the world that He populated with beings of discrete, lesser instances of consciousness, each one existing solely for the purpose of bearing witness to His Great Consciousness He placed on their bodies.

When two men join themselves as one in God, they are a voice box. Another pair, a synapse. A trio of men conjoined one in the other to our eyes is a muscle of God's body. Another group of men may be the bone. When all are joined to all, we will see His face for we will have rejoined with Him in the Perfect Union that each erection of God's flesh on us has remembered from before the foundation of the world. How dare we feel alone in our journey when the most violent of lovers is at our loins, jealous of every second not spent consumed by Him. Resolve to become one with God in marriage. Consummate your union with Him daily. Speak to Him in His language. Let Him love you the way He loved the world into being. You were born with your spouse between your legs. Let Him roost in your body and mind and soul and give way to His desires, for all that you take to be yours is His in reality. What is our response as men, knowing that our God - our One Lover since before time - groans for our embrace between our legs? Shall we not engage with Him as violently as He has engaged us? There is no measure of abandonment to His Pleasure that would equal the magnitude of the gift of His Consciousness He has given to us. Knowing this, how now shall we live?

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