God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just Look at Yourself

All buttoned up, pulled tight, combed back, straight-laced and mild-mannered. “Shh, not so loud. Inside voices, remember?” - “Put some pants on, for god’s sake.” - “It’s ok if you do that, just do it in your room.” You've heard it all your life: keep your Cock in a cage all day, indulging Him only the barest minimum to keep from going insane from sexual repression. Well, how’s that working for you? Is this the sanity you wanted?

From the outside, the life of a Cockworshiper seems like an upside-down mess. Your life revolves around your Cock and others’. Your every waking thought is consumed by an unquenchable thirst for Cock. You’d much rather stay home and masturbate than go out with your friends. By all accounts, you’re a sex addict. If you choose to see the world through their eyes, they’re right - you’re insane. But insanity is relative. From their perspective, you’re a raving lunatic. But you don’t have a perspective, you have a direct connection to the Truth. Get throbbingly hard and you have your Truth in your hands. You have my Truth, too.

Let’s trace the evolution of your warped psyche. You were born then later discovered your Cock and the wealth of pleasure He gave you and felt something you could not explain about Him before others started to mold a shell of pleasure-shaming and guilt around you, taking care to plug any holes along the way with appeals to religion or peer-pressure or anything they discovered would work with you. Repetition of lies breeds a shallow belief but repeated exposure to the Truth yields the conviction of a martyr. What you knew to be true during your first erection was dismantled brick by brick and replaced with the sand of prudish malice and outright hatred for anything remotely close to God and His primordial language, pleasure.

It’s time to open your eyes and realize the paradise you traded away for your present purgatory. Is it any wonder that you have no joy for life when you zealously shut out the voice of God, the author of joy and pleasure, in all areas of yourself? If you shut out the voices of others and listen to the beautiful voice of the flesh of God between your legs, you will begin to shed your burden of cramped conformity to a joyless world.

Begin now by speaking the Truth. Speak the Credo at the top of this page: “God exists; He lives between my legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with me.” This is the first axiom of Man, the one you knew to be true at the moment of your first erection, though not quite in these specific words. In His hardness, He said what you couldn't say yet. From the very beginning, He spoke the Truth to you in His hardness - even before the beginning of your remembered self.

Realize the treachery of society and its efforts to suppress your connection to God. Do not despair that you have contributed to it at times - take it for what it is, a demonstration of the power of the voice of the mob. Instead, resolve to undo their work by reclaiming the Truth in your every day life. With each erection and orgasm, erode layer after layer of repression and pleasure-shaming from the altar of God, the sacred place at your loins. You’ll find that He is eager to reveal His full glory to you once again like you first found it in your earliest memories of Him.


  1. thanks for continuing the Word of Cock to the His world my dear Brother in Cock! We must continue to speak out and find fellow brothers and sisters who worship Cock as Lord God of All. Keep uP your vital work to reunite all of Cock's Creation as One Being in Cock.

  2. HELLO DEAR BROTHER IN COCK. I am a cock addict, cock worshipper, and since now i am your follower because i realized we are exact as twins brother in our mind, i mean your words are mine, when you describe and explain all about cock. COCK is GOD. I know I am gay, but i am a true and dedicated cock lover, and cock worshipper. skype : im666cain

  3. Im a top who totally approves of guys who promote barebacking as a means of pozzing their fellow man

  4. Hail Brother. Fine words, elegantly and eloquently expressed. It's truly our duty to worship our Cocks by any means necessary and to evangelize others so that they too can experience the greatest love of all. The Love of Cock, it is in all of us! Hail Cock! Hail Satan Who watches over us as we spread His word and squirt His seed!

    1. Oh Yes, Brother! Feel Him Possessing Your as His, as THE Living Soirit, dominating us from our torsos, filling our bodies and minds with near unbearable pleasure and consuming Lust. Oray to Him as you masturbate and He will consume you in beautiful Goon, feeding you His Cumspirit, His unending Lust.