God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Build the Yes

In order to develop yourself on your path of Cockworship, you must do your best to realize the truth as it relates to willpower. Take your muscles - some are weak and some are strong. If you diligently work one set of muscles over a long period of time, your strength will increase commensurate with the effort you put into it. You will have to keep adding resistance to give your new muscle mass something to strain against and grow. If you neglect a set of muscles over a long period of time, your strength will diminish to a baseline near zero and any muscle mass you may have once had will dissipate. Your willpower works in the very same way as your physical muscles do. The more you say "no" to the Lust-drive that's rooted in your Cock, the stronger the "no" gets and the harder it is to say "yes."

First, recognize the truth of the situation. The next time you say "no" to God or are tempted to say "no," recognize this decision for what it is: you are increasing the mass behind the power of "no." Visualize it in your mind - another plate is added to the bar every time you say "no." By this time, the weight of "no" must be inhumanly difficult to lift. Don't let yourself get frustrated by this realization - yes, you are the one that built it up and made it as heavy as it is today, but nothing is accomplished by dwelling on it.

Move from recognition to detachment. Instead of saying "no" to God and adding mass to what anchors you to your discontent, face what your steady stream of saying "no" has built and to this very thing, say "no more." You will shatter it into a thousand pieces. You'll find that a "yes" has been waiting all this time at the bottom, waiting for you to get the courage to utter "no more" and break the stagnant mass of fear that's crowded out the fullness of God in your life.

Start now with a small "yes." Should I masturbate now? Yes. Should I eat my cum? Yes. I just came but I'm still horny. Should I go again? Yes. My roommate is home but I'm really horny. Should I jack off? Yes. Should I finger my ass? Yes. Should I taste my ass? Yes. Should I text him? Yes. Should I ask him if he wants to fuck? Yes. Should we fuck while his wife is out? Yes. Should we fuck while his wife is asleep in the next room? Yes. Should I let him cum in my ass? Yes. Should I be his slave? Yes.

Notice how each successive "yes" asks more of you each time but is made easier by the number that have come before it. The questions that are asked of you by God will be entirely different, but I beg you to make your answers the same. Shatter the weight of "no" that's keeping your willpower down and grow the "yes" into a strong muscle mass that will enable your full obedience to God in everything He asks.


  1. Impossible to say 'no' to that last pic ...

  2. Finally ! A new post!

  3. it is an object with a permanently locked away member, just an imitation of a penis there to remind it of its only purpose to serve and worship the REAL COCKS of REAL MEN. HAIL THE ALMIGHTY COCKS AND THE MEN THAT POSSESS THEM!!

  4. it (me) says yes to REAL COCK but as an object it's pens is not a true COCK and is locked up to remind it that it's purpose is to worship and serve REAL MEN with REAL COCKS

  5. I really love the comparison of Cock worship to working out. Gym is a powerful component of my worship. I will focus on saying yes to Cock the same way I say yes to the gym.

  6. I was so taken by this blog. OMG
    Cock is God. I am so turned on