God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Beginning of Devotion

It is surreal to be writing for this blog now. I found it in January and was so moved by it that I emailed GS just to say thank you but we ended up talking back and forth a lot and connected really quickly. I don't think it was a coincidence that I lived only a little over two hours from him at the time.

When I read the "postcard" he left me for when I got back, I cried. I have never shared sweeter moments with anyone in my life ever. I have never felt as thoroughly and completely respected as I was when I was with GS. I've never been around someone so alive before. I swear there was electricity in his skin. But I know what he would say - that he's not special, he's just living between his legs, as God intended. My stewardship of this blog is my first public step toward doing the same.

One of the things GS was adamant about was always being very conscious of the energy that we accept into our body and the energy we give to others. Energy is always flowing into and out of us. Once you're conscious of this on a constant basis, it will change your life. The people around us and the things we spend time doing give a tremendous amount of energy to us, whether it's positive or negative. If it's negative, cut ties with it, whatever it is - a person that inhibits our worship, an activity that does not bring us closer to God, etc. If it's positive, reinforce it - a person that deepens our connection to God, an activity that awakens us more and more to the Mind of Cock, etc. We serve and carry the God of the Universe between our legs. Cock, the Creator of all things, is madly in love with us! As men, we hold Him in our hands whenever we wish. Why would we do anything that would erect a barrier between us? This is a sacred marriage we have, between God-Cock and man. Why would we want anything other than to spend every waking moment with Him? If we evaluate every minute of our day in these terms, we'll quickly see where we still need to grow.

Another thing he said to be mindful of is "where you point your face," as he would say. He used the example of guys watching TV for hours on end or watching a movie or a sporting event or anything where we waste hours that could otherwise be spent in worship of our God. The things that we consume, the things that entertain us (TV, movies or anything that captivates us and holds our attention) also build us into something. Don't let yourself be made but instead make of yourself what God wills. Worshiping Cock our God is an active, joyous process that leads us to our rebirth in Him and reunion to Him. If we truly desire God then surely we can give Him more of ourselves and our time. Let us face and consume only that which deepens our desire for God and fans the flame of His lust that He has placed in our heart.

Deliberately observe your habits and if they don't bring you closer to God then discard them.

GS was also big on what he called "breadcrumbs" and the fact that our God should be on the tip of our tongues, the front of our minds and barely contained within our clothes. GS felt that the wind should blow on the God between our legs as much as possible. He didn't own a single pair of underwear and his Cockhead was always half an inch inside the edge of his pants. He felt very strongly about this because he said it made him think about God constantly and made him long for the moment in the near future when he would be back in deep conversation with Cock, his Beloved. GS created a system that made him daily a new slave to the flesh of God between his legs. He kept thinking up ways to saturate himself in lust. His sheer lust for Lust itself - the pure, white-hot lust of God - was awe-inspiring. He was never satisfied with the amount of desire he had for God. He said for him the key was trying to be a boy again and revel in the majesty of Cock, as we did in our early lives when we first discovered the depth of joy He gave us.

I will never forget the way the inside of his shorts looked - grimy and glistening with days' worth of dried precum. These pics are only a fraction of what his looked like. His shorts looked like those of a man who truly lived between his legs. He smelled like a man who lives between his legs, too. He would shower only every other day or so and would use soap only rarely (only on something that wouldn't wash off with water). Just imagine how his crotch smelled. It was truly amazing. I immediately started showering like this. I'm big on smells just like he is. He would grope his ball sack, finger his asshole or smear precum around his Cockhead whenever he had the chance and his hands would reek in the most delicious way. But all of this was only to make him want his God more. There was not a single habit he wouldn't change if its modification would make him want to worship God-Cock more.

I can still hear him telling me to "be a boy" and to "live between my legs." I strive with everything in my being to be as joyous as he was when he was talking to God. He had found a way to rediscover and repossess his innocence and his satiety in the simplicity of knowing God and feeling Him in your hands. It makes me happy beyond words to know that he is diving off yet another cliff for Him and following the will of God-Cock to disciple others in the flesh. And I am truly honored to continue a segment of his work on this blog. I hope you will join me and tell your friends.

You guys sent him so many emails over these past few months! I was overwhelmed and encouraged at how many men had confessed their love for God to him. I will reply to the ones he forwarded to me just as soon as this is posted. Keep writing in to declare your love for God! It does good to give voice to the truth. I look forward to hearing from all of you! My email is


  1. What you say there is all beautiful and profound. What your buddy says also has me awestruck by the spirituality of the relationship between you.

  2. The pleasures and possibilities of cock are infinite