God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnant with God

God-Cock gave me an epiphany this week. It is probably the single most instructive image He's ever put in my head and I am still discovering new depths in it. It is that men are pregnant with God. Not just some men, but all men and boys are pregnant with God - we are born pregnant with Him.

With a woman, she becomes pregnant only at certain times by man through God and carries man. We are pregnant at all times by God, through God and we carry God. Whereas a woman carries a physical being inside her, we carry a metaphysical and spiritual being inside us: the fetus in us is Cock-consciousness, the very Mind of God. When a woman gives birth, she continues to live, remains who she is and becomes a parent to a discrete being that is now outside of her and independent of her. With men, we cease to be the men we were when we give birth to mature Cock-consciousness. We become the child and God-Cock, the parent. In our labor, God ruptures the walls of our small mind and consciousness and leaves it to die. In His birth, He remains inside of us and makes us dependent on Him for we are now subsumed into Him, His Will and His Mind.

In a female pregnancy, the fetus is passively nourished - when she eats, the fetus eats. She does not have to engage in a separate action to bring the fetus to maturity. Her fetus is physical and needs physical nourishment. In a male pregnancy, Cock-consciousness must be actively nourished. Our fetus is metaphysical and so must feed on the metaphysical. We must engage in any form of sex in order to speak with God so that we may further tune ourselves to the voice of His lust in our life and receive from God the sustenance that His Seed in us requires to reach maturity.

This moment, when the burgeoning fetus of the Mind of Cock in us is mature and ready to burst forth and consume our life (the whole reason we have carried Him and incubated Him all this time), is holy. There is no greater feeling than when we can feel the Head of God moving so strongly in our own head and mind and will, knowing that we are about to cede everything to Him, to let the consciousness we were born with die to make room for His Cock-consciousness.

This is how much Cock, our God, asks of us. This is how strongly He desires us - that we would grow the Seed of God we were born with into that which will consume us and learn to regard ourselves as nothing but His servants during the process. This is how much our God loves us. It is to this revelation that I say with pride and joy: "Cock is God!"

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