God exists; He lives between your legs. God's speech is what men call pleasure. God's singular desire is to be in constant conversation with you. Hold God in your hands, listen to His words and follow His voice on your path of Cockworship.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Toward a More Perfect Union

GS had a huge library of GIFs that he had made from his extensive porn collection. He told me that each GIF he made had at least one specific lesson in it and that each one had a story to tell. These four GIFs perfectly illustrate the topic this week.

The Cockworshipper lives in a state of heightened anticipation and longing. The next Godhead to fill your throat, the next taste and mouthful of Sperm, the next ass that will suffocate you and fill your nose and make you drunk. As our Union with God-Cock becomes more complete, we will live more and more inside a fog of longing for the presence of our God. He is remaking us into His perfect children - Men who fuck with abandon and who speak to God as a child does to a parent: incessantly and with complete and brutal honesty. Let God be only an instant away from being inside us - this is the perfect Union He is guiding us toward.

God-Cock is at first a cosmic Being and is more than infinite from our vastly incomplete vantage point. If atoms are the fundamental element of our being, then His must be supernovas. He weaves endless galaxies of universes into the fabric of His primal entity. The fact that He lives between our legs and does not vaporize us with the power of who He is should mystify and enrapture us all. Let us give ourselves over to Him so much so that He will channel through us a pleasure too great to stand, a pleasure so massive that it is mistaken for pain, a pleasure so wondrous that it sets our teeth on edge. May we lose ourselves enough in Him so that we can give other Men this direct line to the deafening voice of God and shake them out of their ambivalence toward Cocklove.

The true Cockworshipper is a reverent Cockworshipper. Reverence comes from a state of repose in the truth, an absolute joy in resting in the nature of our blessed slavery to God. Who is Man that he should deny Cock His pleasure? Have we ascended to any height comparable to that of God? He is both the spark and the engine of all Life. God has shown us what He requires of us - to pleasure Him without ceasing, to converse with Him without pause. His words make our skin tingle and the hair on our necks stand on end. There is no one like Him. Remember your place and your sacred charge the next time God is inside your body or when God speaks to you through another's body. There is ecstasy in our bondage to His pleasure.

In perfect Union with God, there is no time. Time is an artificial construct of the man without God. Look at how ruined the asshole is of the man who is taking God inside him. How long did it take for his anal ring to rupture from overzealousness? This is a pointless question when living in Union with God. When Man has merged totally with God, there is no other state of being - all of us are ruined by God as He fills us with orgasm after orgasm. There is no dimension in which we are sufficiently capable of withstanding the total satisfaction of His lust. The destruction of ourselves - the failure of our bodies to survive the onslaught of God's passion - is our perfect lesson in obedience to God. In it, we learn that we are nothing and He is everything. Who are we that we should regard our bodies as anything other than instruments of His pleasure? Let our only desire be to make the most beautiful music of pleasure as God-Cock plays us to the point of breaking.

I want to thank all of you who have written to me! You are an encouragement and an inspiration! Please continue to write and tell me of your relationship with God-Cock. Don't be afraid to ask for guidance, I love to counsel men new to Cockworship. My email is

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